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5 Game Shows We’d Love to See Make a Comeback

Whether they air during the day or late in the evening, game shows give television viewers plenty of reasons to yell at their screens. The contestants never seem to hear those yells of encouragement or disapproval, but that doesn't detract from the fun. We've said goodbye to quite a few game shows, but the following are a few we'd love to see return to the airwaves so we can continue coaching the contestants from our living rooms.

“Supermarket Sweep”

Perhaps the most iconic part of "Supermarket Sweep" was the Big Sweep round, in which contestants would dash through a supermarket, loading their carts with the most expensive items they could in an allotted time period. That was the round that really got hearts pumping and audiences excited. There was, of course, much more to this game show, including rounds where the contestants had to guess the retail price of items or correctly answer trivia about brands and ads.

“The Hollywood Squares”

Celebrities came out to play in the show “The Hollywood Squares." The game borrowed elements of tic-tac-toe, as the two contestants competed to fill in three consecutive X's or O's in the grid. Each space came with a question, which a Hollywood celebrity would be required to answer. The contestant would have to correctly agree or disagree with that answer to capture the square. The stars often offered up hilarious answers, adding to the addictiveness of the show.

“Double Dare”

Nickelodeon's "Double Dare" featured messy, colorful obstacles that appealed to kids as well as kids at heart. While there was a trivia portion to the show, the real entertainment came from the physical challenges, in which kids would have to compete in absurd events that involved everything from jumpsuits to pies. At the very end of the show, the winning team had the opportunity to run an obstacle course full of sloppy challenges.


"$100,000 Pyramid" is a show that's already made a comeback in the form of a 2016 reboot. In this word-association game show, a celebrity and a contestant work together, with one giving the clues and one attempting to guess the mystery topic. Since 1973, this show has had viewers yelling the answers (to no avail) at the contestants.


Debuting in 2008, the show "Wipeout" was fairly young, compared to many of the other game shows on this list. But that didn't stop it from being incredibly entertaining. Contestants would race through a large obstacle course, striving to beat each other's finishing time. The humorous commentary is just one of the reasons why people tuned into this show, and there were plenty of jokes to be made as contestants collided with obstacles and dropped into the water.

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