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6 Crazy Movie Myths Debunked!

Movie fans like to concoct all sorts of theories and rumors to tie up loose ends in a plot or simply make behind-the-scenes events more intriguing. Some of those myths are more enduring and widespread than others. From reports of actual deaths during film shootings to rumors of naughty words popping up on the screen, there are a number of myths out there that need to be dispelled. Let’s start with the following six:


"Back to the Future Part II" presented audiences with an incredible possibility—levitating skateboards! It was difficult to watch Marty's thrilling mid-air antics without wishing for a hoverboard of your own. Both the director and lead actor teased that these hoverboards were the real deal, but later admitted Hollywood special effects were behind the technological marvels.

Kubrick's Moon Landing

If you ever watched the 1968 movie "2001: A Space Odyssey" and were amazed by Kubrick's realistic approach, you certainly weren't the only one. Some people theorized that Kubrick's work was so impressive that the U.S. government asked him to film a fake moon landing. The legendary director was probably flattered by these claims, but NASA deserves all the credit for actually landing on the moon a year after the movie’s release.

Munchkin Suicide

While "The Wizard of Oz" features a scene in which the Wicked Witch of the East is crushed by a house, many viewers conjured up an even more gruesome and realistic death to associate with this classic movie. Rumor has it that in one scene you can spot a munchkin hanging himself from a tree. The truth is, what viewers are actually seeing are the movements of a large bird brought on set for a scene in which Dorothy and her companions are traveling through the woods.

Lion King’s Naughty Language

The American Life League wasn't too happy with Disney when a child apparently stumbled on what he thought was the word "SEX" sneakily inserted into the background of a "Lion King" scene. Were the animators up to mischief? Chances are the dust in the air actually spells out "SFX," in tribute to the special effects group.

Casablanca, starring Ronald Reagan

In 1942, Humphrey Bogart made movie magic during his role as the mysterious Rick Blaine in "Casablanca." But, according to some rumors, Ronald Reagan was the original star of the show. The origin of the myth is a press release containing false information, designed for publicity purposes.

MGM Lion Gone Wild

Every film fan knows the MGM lion—that fierce, roaring feline who appears in the opening logo of every MGM film. According to rumors, that lion did more than just roar—he killed his trainer and several assistants. There's no evidence that this ever happened, especially since the lion tamer outlived the lion. In addition, it turns out there were multiple lions used by MGM, and they all cooperated with the demands of Hollywood.

Know of any other common myths that need to be debunked? Share them with our community by commenting below!

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